Does your business really need a website?

A website can't work miracles, grow hair or instantly produce customers. Staking out a spot on the web can, however, be an important part of your marketing program if any of the following apply to your business:

1. You sell products that are visually appealing.

2. You want visitors to your area to know about you.

3. You need to explain your service or product to potential customers.

4. You need to reach customers and potential customers outside of your local calling/advertising area.

5. You offer a product or service that people would make a specific trip to buy if they know you have it.

6. Your products are unique, one-of-a-kind or appeal to collectors.

7. Customers won't buy your product without seeing the product or pictures of it first.

8. You need to provide updated information to customers and potential customers on a regular basis: schedules, events, sales, classes, seminars, etc. without the cost of mailings and print ads.

9. Customers need a map to find you.

10. Your competitors are on the Internet and someone looking for the products and services you offer will find them and not you.

11. You want to use e-mail to reach customers instead of postcard and flyer mailing.

12. You regularly run ads in newspapers, magazines and on the radio and TV that can direct potential customers to your website.

In all cases, Evalesco can help you!

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