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On one side you have a group of people searching for quality entertainment, tired of re-packaged, commercial filled, mass
produced fare. On the other side you have a group of creators whose imagination is too strong to be quieted, who only want
to have their voices heard.

In the exact center, where the two groups meet, you'll find Rhelms.

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So you want to be a Creator?
Read this special primer on
what it takes to make your
own Grafix. <more>
Creator Bobby Loftis has
added a brand new Grafix in
his Dream Rider series. Look
for it in the New Grafix section
(login required.)
Rhelms is proud to bring you
a new interview with Creator
Shelly Hoss of Swirl fame.
Read it here.
Time magazine featured an
article about Rhelms in its
August edition. Arctic Fire
by creator Jon Leah was once
again... <more>
The small bug many Rhelms
members noticed that brought
you back to the login page has
been fixed... <more>
The Second Half by Luis Frank
has officially gone gold,
making it the first Grafix ever
to sell over 500 copies!
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