Registered and bonded
LDA #P5-007
El Dorado, CA
Exp: 2/8/2007
How can LEGALESE Document Assistant help you?
I provide top quality legal document preparation to individuals wishing to represent themselves in Court.
Are you an attorney?
I am not an attorney and I cannot provide you with legal advice. I prepare your documents, under your specific direction, and file them with the appropriate Court. This saves you money and provides you with a valuable service.
What if I need an attorney?
Since I do not have an attorney in my office, should the occasion arise where you will need to seek attorney assistance, I will be able to assist you in finding an attorney in your area that can help you with your matter. My office will prepare and file all the necessary forms required in order to process your legal needs.

I encourage anyone that would like to save time and money to give my office a call.

We offer free consultations and after-hour and weekend appointments for your convenience.

Document Asst.

Cameron Park, CA 95682

Ph: (530) 677-9363
Fx: (530) 677-4518

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